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The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or part without written permission from the publisher.

Copyright Christ Community Church. Our team is so excited to bring you the third issue of The Hub Magazine, an original publication of the story of what God is doing in and through the ministry of Christ Community Church CCC.

As a church, we are entering into another exciting season of ministry. Some of the most anticipated events of the year are just around the corner: A Gathering for Women will be here before we known it! But this fall is especially exciting. In addition to the new Church Residency program, our entire church is about to embark on an exciting new journey together.

But more on that later Our prayer is that this next season is a season of growth for our church. Love can omaha want to see the gospel reaching the least-reached places where all of the odds are stacked against us, both here in Omaha and across the world. We pray that you will experience growth Love can omaha your relationships, your leadership, and your spiritual journeys.

The information you share with us will help us shape the magazine in the future. Take the short survey online at cccomaha. When a blind man came to him hoping for healing, Jesus spit on his eyes. Why would Jesus do a two-stage miracle? Certainly, He had the power to do it all the first time! Jesus was making a point. Healing, discipleship, and surrender happen in stages. This two-stage miracle is an analogy for how the disciples began to see Jesus more clearly, have new levels of insight, and experience new levels of trust in Jesus.

It is the same for us. Belief in Jesus is an incredible first step into His Kingdom, but it is just the first Love can omaha of a multi-stage miracle God wants to do in your soul.

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In time, we discover new truths about God from His Word. We recognize new areas with which we need to trust God, such as our kids, our jobs, our retirement, our finances. God invites us to surrender and simplify our lives by allowing Him to take more control over larger areas.

This fall, we are going to go Beyond Belief. We will look carefully.

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We will drive toward new levels of surrender in control, decisions, money, and relationships. You would reach more lost people, love more freely, live with abandon, and release powerful ministry in the lives of everyone you meet. If you were that person, God would do something beyond belief in your life.

Beyond Belief is exactly where Jesus wants to take you. Beyond Belief is also where He wants to take our church. Imagine if thousands of people took steps toward full surrender in Christ. CCC is poised for an era of massive impact in the lives of Love can omaha thousands.

Lost people reached, broken lives put back together, kids raised to know God, and love shared among the people. In this position of surrender, we will go beyond our walls, beyond our borders, and beyond ourselves! Beyond Our Walls God is calling us to reach the entire city of Omaha with the good news. We must take the joy of Christ beyond our walls. God is raising up a new generation of residents who will be future pastors and church leaders.

Residents will join our team for two years of ministry experience. Twelve started this fall and another twelve will start in June of Each will graduate with a master's degree from Crown College without any further debt.

These men and women will lead the charge to reach our city. Churches we have planted will rise up in the Blackstone District and Village One this fall. We are praying for more in the coming years.

The Within Reach network will work together to change our city by planting fifty churches and unleashing unprecedented compassion. We will do more citywide Love can omaha to drop the love of God into a city that needs Him. God can do amazing things—more Love can omaha we ask or imagine—in our generation, in our city.

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We are also praying about launching a significant ministry beachhead in Cuba, which has been closed to missions sincebut has re-opened for ministry opportunities! In order to release massive spiritual energy and resources for Kingdom impact, we need to stay strong at home.

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Our core ministries of kids, students, and adult discipleship must operate with maximum energy. Both rooms where worship happens Gym and Worship Center will undergo much-needed renovations.

New carpet, lighting, upgraded technology, and the ability to stream the Traditions service online are included in the plan. The dream is to create worship venues conducive to reaching our lost friends and experiencing Jesus in corporate worship for the next generation! We have the privilege of being on the cutting edge of ministry in West Africa, supporting a hospital, 14 clinics, a Bible school, and dozens Love can omaha church plants across the country.

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We dream of planting over churches there in the next ten Love can omaha with the graduates of our Bible school and the witness of medical care. In China, hundreds of leaders are being trained and supported, and around the world over missionaries.

We plan to renovate the east side of The Porch at Old Mill in order to create space for the church, community, and commerce to collide. Besides CityCare Counseling, Rejuvenating Women, and The Pillar Seminary, we plan to launch a coffeehouse and multiuse conference and technology spaces to attract the city to our campus and build bridges for the gospel.

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These upgrades to our facility will empower our amazing staff and volunteers to do effective ministry like never before! The spaces will be attractive to the city we are trying to reach and effective for disciple-making. Follow him on Twitter at Love can omaha. Brown and credits that experience as his consecration to ministry as a young college student.

Robert Roger Brown, affectionately known as R. Brown was dynamic, hard-working, and deeply committed to Jesus. He was born in to humble Scottish parents in a small Pennsylvania town. As part of a large family living in the rough conditions of Love can omaha coal-mining town, R.

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He entered Nyack Missionary College for training in and after graduation began his first pastorate in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, where he met his wife Mary. In his early years of ministry, Dr. Brown often worked with Dr. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Despite the difference Love can omaha age, Simpson had a significant influence on Brown, evident in his Love can omaha for reaching people locally and around the world with the gospel of Jesus. From Pennsylvania, the Browns moved to Chicago, where he was appointed the Superintendent of the Western District of the Alliance and founded the church that A.

Tozer would later lead. One year later, Brown. His pioneering spirit drew him to the open spaces and warm people of Nebraska; he often referred to Omaha as the heart of America. He conducted four months of nightly tent meetings Love can omaha 20th and Douglas and soon people were attending the meetings.

In April ofR. Most people considered radio to be a gimmick; however, R. The outreach of the broadcast was heard over much of the Midwest and reachedlisteners at its peak. As a result of the radio outreach, Dr.

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Brown founded the Okoboji Lakes Bible Conference and was propelled into regional and national recognition as the voice of the Alliance.

Brown was an outstanding preacher possessing great humor and storytelling ability. His vision for evangelism, whether at home or abroad, was one of the most remembered marks of his ministry.

He loved Jesus and he loved people. To him, the masses across the world were desperately in need, lost and hopeless without Christ. He frequently visited the Alliance mission fields to keep in touch Love can omaha the work and encourage the missionaries.

At home, he utilized any and every means.

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The critical characteristic of his life and ministry was prayer. In personal journals, devotion to prayer Love can omaha sprinkled throughout, including comments on the presence of the Holy Spirit through his preaching, a deep desire for a new sense of God, victory found through prayer, and times of instruction from Love can omaha Lord.

His desire was for total dependence on the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God flowed through his preaching and prayer for others, bringing life change to those that came under his ministry.

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This verse was placed prominently at the front of the church for years and exemplified R. I love the Church.

It used to be that my family would somehow magically appear at our church almost every time the doors were unlocked. Our entire lives revolved around their ministries. Once, the church was in the middle of the community and represented the. It was the central hub of everything going on.

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Free and open company data on Nebraska (US) company LOVE CAN STORE SUITE A, BLONDO STREET, OMAHA, NE ; Directors / Officers. OMAHA, Neb. Love can omaha -- “Hopefully It's what inspired the Love Can store which has helped well over 80 families.